The Avenard Luxe Bag Collection - Legal and Trademarks

Avenard Couture

The Avenard Luxe Bag Collection is a space of creation and evolution. We lend our space to innovative and exciting projects which aim to support those around us.

The Avenard Luxe Bag Collection is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom. Registered trademark number UK00003856923.  Use of this trademark is under licences and exclusive to The Avenard Luxe Bag Collection.  Any other use is strictly prohibited. Any use of a similar brand name will be pursued legally.

The "A" device registered in the UK as part of the Avenard Couture trademark and wholly owned by The Avendard Luxe Bag Collection and registered under UK trademark UK00003229720.  Any use of this device or the trademarked term "Avenard Couture" is prohibited and its use or derivative thereof will be pursued legally.

Licences for the use of either trademark can be granted once an appropriate agreement is in place. Fee for such a licence range from £25,000 to £75,000 per year per licence, unauthorised use will incur a minimum fee of £75,000. Please contact for any such inquiries.