Giorgio Armani's La Prima bag - pure elegance

Giorgio Armani's La Prima bag line celebrates the designer's elegant, sleek style. The La Prima was first designed in 1995 and combines a sense of rationality and calm with a feminine and thoughtful design. The goal was to create a bag that could be used from day to night and would feel new for years to come. The result is a bag that celebrates clean design with a discreet Giorgio Armani logo and is a beautiful take on an everyday carry.

The original La Prima bag has a simple, accordion shape with beautifully rounded lines and edges. The stitching ties back to the tailoring the House is well-known for, and the shoulder strap can be adjusted for different carrying options. Despite its compact size, the bag has a spacious interior with a front and back open area, a larger center compartment, and practical features like a cardholder, mirror holder, and lipstick holder.

Giorgio Armani has also released six new bags as part of the La Prima line, taking inspiration from the original nineties design. The bags are made in Italy and have updates from skilled artisans, with each detail remaining subtle yet impactful. In addition to the classic style, a larger version is now available, along with limited edition variations for the '23 collection. One of these variations is a shell clutch with slightly rounded lines, pleats at the corners, and a detachable jewel chain, making it a sleek choice for evening events.

In a world of many bag options, Giorgio Armani sticks with what has made the brand legendary: beauty in design. The La Prima family elevates carrying a bag to be both practical and sophisticated. This is a bag shape that can elevate any wardrobe, and it does so with grace and pizazz.