Could your next bag be the Hermès Roulis?


The Hermès Roulis is available in a range of sizes, including the highly desirable mini.  The Roulis is not necessarily the name on every Hermès shoppers lips, the Roulis is quickly developing a dedicated following. The range of sizes, and options of materials including leathers, and exotic skins including exotic alligator makes the Hermès Roulis a versatile addition to your wardrobe.  Our team love the Roulis Mini, the size is perfect to get around by day, then to catch that last boat of the day out to the yacht. its jewel clasp stretches to perfectly accommodate the leather flap. The Roulis bag is an invitation to weigh anchor.

How does Hermès Roulis compare to Hermès Constance?

We love both the iconic Hermès Constance and the Hermès Roulis.  While they are both shoulder bags these stunning bags are distinctly different. Both the Hermès Constance and Hermès Roulis are available in full size and mini-versions. The Hermès Constance has the now-iconic Hermès Constance “H” closure, which you will also find on Hermès belts and Hermès Constance wallets.  Hermès Roulis has a jewel clasp which is a revisit to the “Chaîne d’ancre” link, a less boisterous reference to the iconic Hermès brand.  Hermès Roulis has the distinction of an adjustable strap, making it an ideal daytime piece. The Hermès Roulis is a chic and versatile piece, either in its mini-size version or the big day-bag version. A versatile bag ideal for brunch, dashing around town then catching the yacht to traverse oceans. If you are thinking resort, you should consider Hermès Roulis. Worn close to the shoulder or across the chest, every movement of the Roulis bag echoes its name. Thanks to the sliding bar, its strap adjusts perfectly to be carried on to the next destination.

Is Hermès Roulis worth buying

Quiet fashion brands are ensuring their both their loyal and future clientele are able to continue to invest in their brand quietly, through the development of gorgeous product that have subtle brand references. These bags are designed for those in-the-know – the Hermès Roulis is one of these bags. 

How much is Hermès Roulis

Our team love the Hermès Roulis, the bag is the perfect size for day, having centre compartments and side pockets, keeping your necessities in reach.  Being able to adjust the shoulder strap to meet your immediate need is a lovely option – have you ever wished your bag could be put in sports mode?

Our team are confident that the Hermès Roulis is definitely a bag you should have in your wardrobe.  Confident, sleek design with and adjustable strap making it ideal for any occasion.  For those of us who adore quiet fashion, the subtle Hermès brand references are on-point.  If you know, you know.

Hermès Roulis 18 vs 23

Hermès Roulis is available in two sizes the 18 also known as the mini, and the 23 referred to as slim.  The Hermès Roulis 18 will hold your brunch essentials – phone, credit cards and lipstick. While the Hermès Roulis 23 is just that little bit larger perfect to hold all the essentials for a day trip. 


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