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STUDIOMURLÏ is an R&D art lab set up to explore the visual narrative for design fiction comprising unique illustrations and designs, which are part of a larger whole.  This multi-media initiative details ‘The Adventures Of Murlï’.

The Adventures of Murlï is a conceptual project.  We aim to explore how life could look, feel, and exist in futures that are plausible, probable, or probably utterly absurd.

STUDIOMURLÏ artwork is original, origins are deep and subconscious, they have emerged as notes and sketches in the artist's many sketchbooks.

The Adventures of Murlï 

A passion project born out of a love of storytelling and speculative design. The artists at STUDIOMURLÏ aim to explore reality, expressing their connections in he patterns which surround us, bringing to life a visual narrative. We translate our connections with the patterns of reality into a tangible representation of our inner worlds.  Our desire is to share what is in us, we all do this differently, STUDIOMURLÏ has developed into eclectic print-art, using various techniques to create unique and intriguing designs that capture the imagination of the viewer. STUDIOMURLÏ  have collated a collection of visually engaging artworks that transport the viewer to new futures that are plausible, probable or utterly absurd.  The Adventures of Murlï is a passion project that comes from a love of storytelling, speculative design and the urge to explore the patterns of reality as we know it. Through this project, STUDIOMURLÏ invites us to imagine new possibilities and explore the boundaries of what we know to be true.

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